May 3, 2016

****Ct for Erica Wilma ****

****Spring Tags ****
I Made these 2 spring tags using Erica Wilma's cute tube called Va Amara
She comes in 5 different poses . She can make various of number of cute spring tags . If You Like to make cute tags - This is the way to go- you can find Amara here at the store below
****Renderartworld Store****

****Ct for AmyMarie****

****Roses are Pink Kit ****
I Made these 2 pretty tags using AmyMaries kits called 
Roses are Pink Kit. This Kit has 130 beautiful elements and 24 papers to work with. This Kit can make Various Numbers of Pretty Tags with.
You can find the kit here at the following store she sells at below
****AmyMarie store****
The Tubes I used to make the tags with are the art work of Keith 
Garvey. you can get these tubes here at the following store He sells at